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Spiced White Beer
4.8% alc/vol
Colour Burst
6.3% alc/vol
Colour Burst 2
6.3% alc/vol
Blonde Ale
5.0% alc/vol
Earl Grey IPA
6.4% alc/vol
English Dark Mild
3.8% alc/vol
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As our beers change from season to season so does the selection of liquor stores, bars, and restaurants that stock us. We aim to keep this list current, however, if we’ve missed your location please let us know so we can keep our list as up to date as possible.

Please Note: We can’t guarantee all of these locations have the beers listed here in stock at all times. It may be wise to check ahead with the location to guarantee you find the brew you’re looking for.

Beer, Different by Design.

Ale Architect is all about creative and expertly brewed beers, with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Inspired by the places we’ve been, the flavours we love, the music we dance to, and the people we party with. Our beers are always interesting, never boring.

What’s in a Name?

The name Ale Architect comes from the combined creative and engineering design backgrounds of the founders. It represents the passion for producing unique and quality beers. Just as an architect invents, realizes, and oversees a project to completion the same approach is taken to designing, brewing, and delivering a beer to you. Art meets science, creativity meets engineering, you get the picture.

Our Team

Ale Architect is Mason Pimm and Ryan Stang.

Mason is a mechanical engineer with a flair for pin point accuracy. He’s been poking his fingers into the beer industry for as long as there’s been a craft beer industry in Alberta. The guy’s been known to partake in a pint from time to time.

Ryan comes from the creative industry turned brewer with 8 years experience brewing at a very manual 5bbl brewery, designing recipes, and converting unsuspecting Albertans to craft beer.


Where’s the brewery? There isn’t one.

We’re not looking to open up our own brewery just yet. We’re collaborating and contract brewing our beer at other established Alberta breweries with brewers we know and trust.

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